Boarding Information

Boarding Information

Basic Stall-Board ($685.00 ) consists of feed, hay, shavings, turn-out, stalls cleaned and full use of all of our wonderful amenities. The horses are given feed, hay, and provided with fresh water twice a day.  All horses are turned out, weather permitting, on a daily basis. Administration of owners supplements and medication are available.  Premium Stall-Board ($715.00) also includes blanketing and changing sheets and blankets to suit the weather conditions; putting on/taking off bell boots, turnout boots and fly masks (all provided by the owners); fly-spraying before turnout in hotter months (spray provided by the owners and left on the stall at all times); and, with proper notice, bringing your horse in early and putting it in its stall for vet or farrier appointments. 

Fan Fee for the months of May – October is an additional $20.00 per stall horse. 

Pasture Boarding ($325.00) is self-care. We do provide hay in the winter. All Pasture boarders have full use of all of our wonderful amenities.  We do have a dry lot available ($345.00). There is usually a waiting list.

Boarding Forms & Documents

Are you ready to join our family?  Contact us to day to check availability and reserve your spot today. Below you will find all of the documents needed for your new journey.  We do require that the boarding contract, liability form & Vaccination records be in our hands 10 – 14 days before arriving.

Reserve my spot please!

Boarding Contract

For your convenience you are able to download our boarding agreement.  Once it is filled out in its entirety, please email to along with the required documents.

Liability Form

We require all friends of boarders and students to fill out our “RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT”.  Please include your name and your horse’s name.  Email or hand-deliver a copy to us.

Lesson Haul-In

If you are hauling in for a lesson , you must notify Jef & have the required vaccination records provided to Seven Oaks Ranch 48 hours PRIOR to unloading horse from the trailer.

Barn Rules

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our facilities. We have a few guidelines we ask that you observe in order to help us keep the barn running as smoothly as possible. Thank you.

Boarder Additional Horse Addendum

For existing boarders adding a new horse, kindly complete the Addendum: New Horse Information. Please email to along with the required documents.

Vaccinations Required

We require every horse on the property to be vaccinated for Rabies, West Nile, tetanus, EEE/WEE and strangles yearly. Influenza/Rhino twice yearly. Negative Coggins yearly. Vaccinations must be emailed two weeks before arrival. 


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